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Lighthouse Louisiana Industries

"When I got a job at the Lighthouse, a whole new world opened up for me. It was a world of independence, it was a world of opportunity, and it was a world of fulfillment. I felt like my life had new meaning. Right now I’m working in the paper towel department. It’s a very sophisticated operation, and you have to come down and see it to believe it. I guarantee you you’ll be impressed, you’ll be amazed, and you’ll be proud that we have a place like this in New Orleans that gives people who are blind hope for the future."
- David Green, Lighthouse Louisiana Employee

  • 70% of individuals with disabilities are unemployed.
  • Lighthouse Louisiana ships over 6,000 orders per year to federal and commercial customers.
  • Lighthouse Louisiana produces about 43,200 cups in a single hour.


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As a social enterprise and economic engine in the Southeast region, we operate a modern manufacturing facility in New Orleans employing over 100 people. On a tour of Lighthouse Louisiana’s facilities, you’ll see individuals who are low vision, blind, or have other disabilities operating some of the same high-speed equipment found in any competitive manufacturing facility to produce quality products.

Lighthouse Louisiana takes pride in its employees’ abilities to not only operate industry standard equipment, but to do so with a precision and efficiency that allows us to be price competitive.

The Lighthouse Industrial Manufacturing program is designed to:

  • Create competitive employment opportunities for people with disabilities
  • Provide a training ground for learning job skills
  • Educate the sighted community about the exceptional level of performance achieved by people who are blind or visually impaired
  • Provide a source of revenue in support of other Lighthouse services

Our manufactured product lines include:

  • Stock hot and cold cups in many sizes
  • Single-fold paper towels
  • Deck swabs
  • Sponges
  • Mess trays
  • Biodegradable plates and bowls
  • Biodegradable clam shells

The Federal Government is our largest customer through contracts with the General Services Administration, Defense Logistics Agency and relationships through federal dealers and military base stores. We also provide packaging services for mess trays, plates, bowls, clam shells and sponges. These contracts are part of the AbilityOne Program, made possible by Javits-Wagner-O’Day legislation. The program helps create jobs as well as generate revenue used to support the wide variety of services we offer to individuals with disabilities.

We have also expanded by manufacturing hot and cold cups.

By purchasing from the Lighthouse you are opting for ISO-certified, made in the USA products, which use US-sourced raw materials and you are also directly supporting all of the services we offer for the community.

We invite you or your group to tour our New Orleans facility on State Street in Uptown New Orleans. Please contact (504) 899-4501 ext. 219 for an appointment.

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